Monday, September 28, 2009

This is IT! Don't get scared now.

Can anyone name that movie?

This run's theme was "tangerine." Notice Suzy's new T. O. U. shirt! Also note my cozy p.j. pants. Don't start a run without em! (Yes, amazing Suzy is still running with us. She is an inspiration. And She is totally not sore or crippled either!)

This is Kristin.

This Saturday is the ST. GEORGE MARATHON! The thing we have been obsessed with and working toward all these weeks. Your good karma and prayers are appreciated this week- we need it.

Or do we? We have no idea whether or not we'll finish in intense pain, or the sweet feeling we had when we ran 23 miles. This time we will be running a lot faster, cutting out a lot of walking and messing around at drinking fountains and photo-op spots. Danna's shins could cause her trouble. My calf could "charlie-horse" again. Her sports bra could continue to cut off her circulation until her arm actually falls off. My knee cap could finally shatter. OR! We could leap blissfully across the finish line- mascara still fresh (oh yes, I will be wearing mascara!), and legs still functioning well. Will we weep at the finish line? I have imagined that many times and it is very possible. I imagine running up to Matt, sobbing, but also gloriously raising my fist in the air. "I DID IT!" I'll say. Or maybe I'll say, "Why did you let me DO this?!?!" Or " me...hate running..."

I am feeling 85% excitement, and 15% nervousness and fear. I think part of my nervousness is just making sure all things fall into place. What time are we leaving for St. George? What do I pack for lunch? Will I be able to fall asleep the night before? Are my clothes warm enough for the starting line? What should I put in my pouch? What am I forgetting?!?!? Aaah! I gotta stop writing about this, cuz I can feel my heartbeat racing.

Last Saturday we went and cheered Suzy (and her husband Rick) on in Logan. What an exhilarating experience!!! We sat on a blanket at about the 25.5 mile marker- after our own 12 mile run, and we cheered for the runners like no one has ever cheered before! These were our peeps! We gave each and every runner that passed us an individually-tailored cheer.

Example 1: Girl runs by looking tired and focused.
D&K: You go girl!! It's all about you! This is your day!! You're almost there! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other! You rock!
Girl: (begins to cry)
Yes. We made a lot of girls cry. But in a good, touching, you needed that kind of a way. And we really feel like we helped a lot of people in a really tough part of the race where there were no other cheerers much of the time.
Then of course we would begin to cry ourselves.

Example 2: Man runs by, limping a little, chest splashed with Gatorade stains.
D&K: Hey! You look great! You're made of steel! You've almost run A MARATHON!
Guy: (Tries to hide a smile and blush, and starts running a little straighter.)
It was interesting how many people started running again right before they got to us. They didn't want these loud cheering girls to cheer for them while they were walking. We were seriously so loud. Amazingly, my sister Mikelle fell asleep for an hour or 2! I didn't think it would be possible with our constant screaming. We also applauded each runner. Our hands and throats hurt for a long time. (Mikelle, a vocal performance major, refused to scream. It made me proud as an SLP. Way to avoid phono-traumatic abuse and resultant vocal fold edema, hemorrhage, or nodules! But I couldn't resist this time!)

Well, we saw some fascinating things while we sat on that blanket. It seriously gave me the biggest high sitting there cheering for them. I'm still high on it! It was like the funnest service project ever! I'm so going to the SLC Marathon every year from now on, and sitting in a remote spot where there are no other cheerers. Cheerers make an amazing difference for runners.

Okay, this may seem a bit cheesy or weird, but I have decided to dedicate each mile to someone in my life who has had a big influence on me or whose friendship has really meant a lot to me in my life. The names are not in any particular order. I mostly assigned people numbers that would help me remember them, such as their birthday number or an inside joke (ask me about yours if you're wondering).

1 Daddio
2 Mili Silva
3 Annie Winn
4 Vicky Yocom
5 Rhonda Better
6 The West Family (CT)
7 Kristina Barss
8 Ambleh Prince
9 Mommykins
10 Heather Taylor
11 Liz Madrid
12 Denise Frandsen
13 Mkl Memmott
14 Emily Stokes
15 Krissy Wyler
16 Karin Dance
17 Sarah Shaw
18 Danny Memmott
19 Holly Badurek
20 Emmaline Sorenson
21 Sarah Haslam
22 Francisco Herrera
23 Danna and Suzy
24 Mery Carcamo Suarez
25 Matt
26 Jesus
.2 Janelle Swinton

When I run a given mile, that person will be my motivation, and I'll think of them and the influence they've had on me. Suzy also gave D & I little strips of paper with motivational quotes on them for us to stick in our belts and read when the going gets tough. Look for a new post soon, wherein Suzy recounts to you her own marathon experience last week. (***teaser***)

They look way too good after 26 miles! PS: Good job guys!!!

Who took this? You're in big trouble.


EmSo said...

This is going to be a fabulous experience! It already has been! I wish I could be down there to cheer you on, but really, REALLY, I will be there in spirit - and especially during mile 20, thank you very much!

I just love you Kristin! My Babooshka!

Summers Family said...

you will cry and have to restrain yourself not to hug the random person giving you your finishers medal. that was my experience.

Sarah Shaw said...

KRISTIN! What an inspiring post and I'm now bawling at the fact that you're going to think of me and that you dedicated one of your miles to me. Thank you Kristin! I seriously feel honored and a little surprised! I look up to you so much for your dedication and diligence with this marathon! I wish I could be there to be one of those cheering people for you! I will pray for you and your friends though :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! It is so close!! It is so exciting and i am so excited to come to st george and cheer you on when you pass!! SO EXCITED!! haha i am a very experienced marathon cheerer. :) i will one day be a marathoner!! haha! How long do you think it will take you to run it? I will pray for you both! i know you will be amazing!

Tanya said...

Goooood luck and take care of yourselves!! We'll be thinking of you and rootin' for ya's!!! Is it Saturday?

Dad-dad-daddio said...


"This is it, the night of more rehearsing or nursing of parts, you know every part by heart."

Well, I was trying to make an analogy between preparing for the 'Thon and rehearsing for the big acting/singing performance, if you get my meaning. Good post! I like the 26.2 people dedication idea. Even though you said there is no particular order, I know that Jesus and I are probably right there at the top of the actual,seriatim list.

Lookin forward to San Jorge and the 'Thon--"una experiencia maravillosa"

Kristina said...

Good luck girls! I can't believe it is all happening THIS WEEKEND! Holy Cow! You're going to be so great! I really wish I could be there to be one of your "cheerers"! And Kristin, thanks for mile 7! That is so nice of you, and such a neat idea. What time do you start? And about how long will it take you to get to mile 7? Then I can be thinking about you while you're thinking of me, and hopefully send you a bunch of that karma you're looking for! :)

Krissy said...

YAY!!!! I'm so excited for you! It will be so great! And I'm sure you will jump and skip through the finish line looking beautiful.
Good luck! I love you!

Mikelle said...

What? No pictures of our beautiful Logan run??? I love that I am mile 13 cuz I did the half marathon :) (13.1)

MHM said...

Babe, you are gonna rock the wimpy ol' St. George marathon. I am not worried at all--I bet you will run it a good half hour faster than you are planning. What are your legs? Springs, steel springs! What are they gonna do? Propel you down the track! How fast can you run? As fast as a leopard! How fast ARE you gonna run? As fast as a leopard! I can't wait to see you do it!

P.S. Bonus points to whomever can guess the movie quote from the above comment.

Four Winns said...

Wow, I got number THREE?! I'm honored. I know it's your fav and I'm not sure I'm worthy. Maybe you should take a quiz I wrote you to read during that mile. Good luck and don't forget to eat your orange juice and scrambie eggs!

Sarah said...

Just want to say we are so proud of you and wish you the best- sorry we were not able to come to St George, but know that we love you Danna!

Anonymous said...

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