Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

"Peak Week". It is the height of our training. Last week we did close to 50 miles. It was a grueling week with a Wednesday run of ten miles. (That is hard to do before going to work and being on your feet all day. Not to mention my job involves vomiting, tired, sick children. All day I was thinking "move over in the bed- I want to lay down, throw up, and cry too," not my best empathy day.) The weeks mileage culminated in a 23 mile run. K and I were nervous the whole week. We were hoping that her foot, my shin, and our friendship would hold up!

Fix me Lisa!!!!

That Suzy- she only had 8- what a complete slacker. So she hit peak week 2 weeks ago- Who doesn't always want to to do another 20 miler? Huh? Nobody? Oh- well- you're all slackers too. Seriously- we NEED Suzy. We need her funny I-have-kids stories, and her wholesome niceness when we wish to die.
That 18 miler we mentioned a few weeks ago- NOT pretty.
Here are the girls on a talk... oh I mean WALK break!

I depleted my glycogen stores EARLY. I hit the wall the first few miles in. Good little Suzy and Kristin just chirped away. Suzy told us every detail of the new school socks she just bought her girls. We especially liked the details of the "Terrific Tuesday" socks, and the ingenious "Rainbow Anyday" socks. I was just plain mean by mile 13 or so. I decided in order to not lose friends, best to keep the trap shut and let my running buddies pull me along. By mile 15 I was crying. I wanted to sit down on the trail. I barely finished. So, now when one of us is struggling, we have a code- "Talk to me about the Tuesday socks!" It means, I'll shut up- but you must think of things to distract me by talking non-stop. Who knew socks were so key in marathon training? Maybe it will be the next new chapter in Jeff's book- "Training and the Terrific Tuesday socks." Sounds like an after school program that would include "Blossom".
THE socks that saved the run!

The next week Suzy chose her husband to run with- Imagine! That Zany girl. We came up on the trail mid-run and saw Rick running in place- Where was Suzy--- The bathroom you silly rabbit- where else? K and I snuck up to the door and started yelling- "lady- come on, you've been in there 20 minutes!" "Get out!" "Hey whats the problem in there?" We rattled the handle and banged on the door. By that point we were laughing uncontrollably which gave us away. Suzy came bursting out the door seconds later yelling- "Good thing I was already in the bathroom!" We laughed like hyenas until it looked like other runners were scared.
And- while we are on that subject- THE ONLY people on the trail at Quarter to Vicky on a Saturday are: drug dealers, or runners. Both are looking for THE HIGH. One morn we saw a suspicious car that kept circling and going slowly, scoping out the neighborhood. No fear Murrayites- the vigilante team of D and K armed with squirt bottles of gatorade followed them. 2 minutes later they got out of the car in full running gear with their own gatorade firing bottles. Boring! We were sure by that time we where about to save the city. We'd already planned the headlines " Team 'She runs like a girl' keeps city safe while wearing ridiculously cute running outfits" So, that didn't turn out right.

S0- back to Peak week. I read up on a method of using energy bars in conjunction with our regular "gu" to keep from hitting the wall. It was pure genius! That Jeff- Someone should tell him to be a famous runner- he is GOOD! K and I ran and ran and ran. Here we are at the END of this portion of the parkway---- notice the signs for highway 201!?!

This was after running south 8 miles, turning around and running North- (had to drop off that lazy Suzy.) We kept saying- I can't believe how good I still feel! When we ran out of cheerleaders, we started telling random people on the trail- "hey- we've run 20 miles already!" They looked at us- saw the lunatic in our eyes, and then gave us what we wanted- totally solicited- "Wow"s and "Great job"s! Hey- when your mom isn't around and you need a cheerleader, even strangers understand that. We did 23! Let me say that again- you didn't react enough dear reader- WE DID 23!!! WAAAHOOO! I think we just may pull this off! What do you think of that Larry Payne! We did lose some brain cells though. After the run we had prepared to do an ICE BATH. It is supposed to help with recovery, swelling, muscle repair, blah, blah, blah. It's meant for suckers who will try whatever they read. The 23 was nothin' compared to making yourself get into a cold bathtub with floating ice chunks- 20 pounds of ice chunks! K and I stood looking at the bath tub in our swimming suits for A WHILE. Finally I decided to just get in--fast- but only if K promised she wouldn't then chicken out. I stepped in and thought I'd died. Then I sat down. Excruciating! Then I quickly buried myself to my neck. Pain! I couldn't even catch my breath it was so shocking. This is the point I began manically gesturing for Kristin to get in. She watched all this and said no, NO, no. I somehow indicated through my verbal non-skills, that all my close friends and family know I have, that her best choice currently, was to get in, so she did. She sat down and screamed at the top of her lungs for 5 seconds straight. It was so cold Kristin went blue around her mouth for almost the entire time. The idea of the TWO of us in the tub- WITH 20 POUNDS OF ICE,and feeling the post long run unreasonableness became dizzyingly hilarious. We laughed so hard I hoped the tub wouldn't fall through the floor. It was my first bath in my new bath tub- What a way to start! We stayed in for close to 15 minutes. Adam knew we had lost it- he went outside to putter around- away from the crazy. Now that the run and weirdness was completed, Suzy went back in our minds from lazy to nice. She cooked us a big celebration pancake breakfast. It was so GOOD. What a great way to celebrate peak week! K and I kept commenting how amazing we felt. We didn't even nap- ok, well, at least I thought I hadn't napped. I was innocently sitting on the porch watching Adam wash his motorcycle, his mistress. When he woke me up laughing.
Like all good husbands of marathoners- he snapped a picture of all things funny-
So much for dignity and presence! My poor neighbors. They lost the neighbor lottery when we moved in. I think they're beginning to SEE that.

I love cross-training in Utah (when it's outdoors!). We have the best recreation nation-wide, and year-round. It is a dream! My mom and my sister Carrie Lyn hike the trail to Timpanogas Cave almost every day it is open during the summer. It can be a grueling little hike, but it is spectacular. I try to go with them for cross-training on Mondays. My mom has done it over 55 times THIS SUMMER. My sister doesn't even keep track! They are die-hards. In the summer I hike with my mom. In the winter, we ski. Mondays are so, so fun with my mom- BUT it does not matter the sport, if you are going with her- be ready to get left in the dust. She is where my maniac came from, and it's only murky water compared to hers. She is faster hiking up, skiing down, or just plain running. Utah is beautiful. My Super-Dad and I before the hike. IF I have any athletic ability it is from him. He is amazing. Ask me sometime- I have stories.
My mom and I at "picture rock" We had our family pictures taken here a couple of years ago. See the end of this post!
Adam has come with me as I have needed to cross-train at the gym. I can not possibly explain how supportive and great he has been. All of our husbands are secretly WAITING for this crazy thing to be over. It is incredibly time consuming. If we aren't all running together, we are on the phone talking about the run. We no longer cook dinner, clean, or even bother being very nice. All of the husbands deserve an 'I put up with a marathoner' medal at the end. Adam has stashed food and water for us miles ahead- even at o-dark-thirty. He picks us up. He rotates ice-packs. He does laundry and dishes. He has tried countless energy gu's and bars with us. He rides his bike next to me for HOURS when I need to run alone in the dark. He helps make sure I get to bed early so I get enough sleep. He even puts on a great act when I am totally unreasonable and crying from fatigue- he makes me think all my feelings are valid and understandable. When I wake up more rational and say sorry or "that was crazy talk"! He shrugs and says something like "Marathons take a lot of work, I'm here to help you." I love him and I COULD NOT do this with out him.
He is such a babe!

It is 3:30 AM as I write this. I can't sleep. Today Suzy runs. I am so excited and nervous for her, that I can't get back to sleep. K and I leave in about an hour to go up and surprise her by cheering her on. We are so proud of her and her husband. Go Suzy! You can do it!

I doubt anyone will even read this far- this post is too long, but I have something actually important to say. This past week my family told me they are coming down to see me run. That is about 18 people that are able to come, my friends. They are paying for hotels, food, gas. All to see me run. My niece Afton wondered why I couldn't just run past her house- why drive to St George to watch me run by? Good question Afton. But I wanted to say that this is one of the kindest acts of service and support I have ever received. When they told me, I sobbed. I still cry, even as I write about it. Thank you. This means more to me than I could ever write here. I love you.


Adam said...
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Adam said...

Finally, I am the first to post. That was a very good entry. I am very excited for you to run the marathon. It won't be too bad after all the months of hard work and training you have done. I LOVE you, and you are very cute.

Love your husband (for eight years officially tomorrow)


Kristin said...

Ahh! This is such a great post! I laughed out loud sooo many times. MAtt had to keep asking what was going on over here. You described the ice bath experience PERFECTLY! Hahahahaha! So unforgettable. BUT now you must pay for posting a picture of it. People are going to put that up at my work and start rumors or something! Haha. J/k. Well, what made me laugh the most was reading the part right before seeing that picture of you crashed on the porch, and then scrolling down to those two pictures. I seriously lost it for a good 10 minutes. Just ask Matt about the scary cackling! I love those pix!! Now I can see why you laughed so hard at that old pic I posted of myself crashed on the couch. Classic. I am sooo so excited your fam is coming to cheer! Can they cheer for me too? :) Look how skinny you are looking! You are dead sexy in that black outfit- too bad it will forever be equated in your mind with the worst run of your life. I echo the comments about our hubbies- you buys ROCK! Matt makes me go to bed too. And then pushes me out of bed in the a.m. (Well, he used to- now we're getting up too early for the alarm to ever reach his conscious mind.) Where on earth did that random Park City picture of me stretching come from? Hahaha. Oh dear, I need a new tank top- this blog has nothing but me in that dang pink and white shirt! If only we took pix on Tuesdays and Thursdays too. I have other colors!!!
PS: I don't think this post is too long at all. Love it.

Rick said...

It was great that Danna and Kristin came to the Top of Utah Marathon to cheer on Suzy. We were so surprised and excited to see them. Suzy and I loved doing the marathon. There were 30-45 minutes during the marathon that were not fun, but we're glad we did it and finished (besides, what's a measly 30-45 minutes compared to the months and months of running that Danna, Kristin, and Suzy have put in). Anyway, thanks for all the support given to Suzy during training and during the race!

Suzy said...

I laughed the hardest at the part about your nap on your concrete porch, too! Rick came to read the post after wondering what I found so funny. Your extended family is so cute! You and Kristin are awesome! Thank you for coming to support us. We loved it!

Jena said...

23 miles ... congratulations! I love how you refer to early mornings as "quarter-to-Vicky". Hilarious. I wish we were able to go down to St. George to see you run, but alas, we will just wave as you run past our house on the way there! Haha!

Love, Jena and fam

Anonymous said...

The marathon is so close and you are both going to do great!! You did 23 without dying, you can definatley do the whole thing! And you are injured!! You are an inspiration! I love you and Mango!! And i just have to say...way to go mango!!! You are almost there! ;) haha I want to come hike with you again. I miss it! Someday i will be back to my old self and i will be able to do all that i use to. I cant wait to cheer you on. I can actually go for sure and probably sooner than i thought because it is UEA weekend! ok i love you!
ps-totally forgot my password to this thing so that is why it is now anonymous :)

Jen said...

12 miles again this past saturday. Woo!!! Keep running like a girl, yea!!!

Summers Family said...

I read it all too Danna. I am excited for you and happy you have so much support.
And I haven't heard of the ice bath, but might I suggest Tiger Balm. It is available at Wild Oats - make sure not to get the red kind (it stains). When I did the Top of Utah Marathon, we had to drive home right afterwards. My husband rubbed as much of the balm on me as he could, and I wasn't sore at all the next day. Tired yes, but not sore. We still use the stuff whenever our muscles ache.
Good luck!

Renee said...

Danna I swear you should be a stand up comedian. . I laughed so much I think my family thinks I'm crazy in here. .You and Kristin are so dedicated! You're inspiring me to do better. .

Preston and Rachel said...

Congratulations on making it through the big run! We will be thinking about you on marathon day. Also (late) Happy Anniversayr, I hope that you took a day off and did something fun for your anniversary.

Sarah said...

Wow Danna! I loved reading the post, and we love you and we are proud of you (even though we are not going to St George :( Congratulations and good luck!

PS I really hope that your blogging will not end when the race is over- I love your blogging!

Anonymous said...


I think the last time I fell asleep on concrete was, well, NEVER! How does someone do that??


Mandy said...

Ugh, I miss you. Cannot WAIT to see you- LOVE the photos with your parents and family. I miss them too. Good luck next week- I'll be thinking of you and sending you all my good karma. We're in NC now but I'll call when I can. Thanks for the awesome post- I love reading about everything you're doing! XOXO!

Larry Payne said...

Ladies, the time is near at hand for you to feel the thrill of finishing a marathon. I am confident that both of you will do well and best your finish time goals. I wish I could be there to cruise a few miles with you. When it starts to hurt remember all those miles you have run and don't let the race beat you. Good luck and see you on the parkway soon. Larry Payne

Mikelle said...

Hahaha blue lip!!