Saturday, September 12, 2009

A party and an injury

It's me, Kristin, again! Don't worry, Danna is posting very very soon. I know you are all craving some Danna time. On another blog-related note, I have now posted "How to post a comment" over there on the right side of the blog. If you are visiting the blog, we get so excited, but there's no way for us to know unless you leave a comment. We loooove comments. Even if they just say you were here. So don't be afraid, dear readers!

This week was my birthday. Danna, Vicky, Matt and other sly collaborators made it such a special, unforgettable day! (So did my fam, but we celebrated early on Labor Day. It was awesome!) First of all, Danna and Vick called all my friends in the area and arranged for them all to be on the Parkway at 6:10 am to celebrate my birthday by holding a banner for me to run through, cheering me through the end of my morning run, and giving me a medal!! Then there were yummy cupcakes, load of Gatorade, cards, and a few other surprises (presents!).

The girls I run with! Danna, Marriane, and Suzy.

Party people!

It was super fun and I felt so loved to know people were actually willing to get up that early for me in the chilly fall air, walk down to the parkway, and wait around for me. The RS walkers were there; Suzy and Marianne were there too. Most people left after the party for their own daily Parkway workouts. Some of my Young Women buddies and girls were there! I love em! And of course Danna and Vick. It was so funny to have other runners and walkers passing our crazy early morning party wondering what in the world we were doing, and secretly wanting in on the cupcake/Gatorade action-- which we offered them. Very few takers.

Well, there were a few hilarious (and in some ways downright painful!) complications that morning. I seriously threw a wrench in their surprise plans and almost ruined the party! First of all I argued (lovingly) with Danna all evening the night before about what time we were going to run. She had to tell many white lies about her reasons for the 5:30 time slot. She thought I must be thinking she was the pushiest person in the world. Then she brought up her recent shin splint flair-up and acute pain and I tried to refuse to run with her- forcing her to cross train against her will. She really didn't think she'd be able to complete the run and had to call and beg Suzy and Marianne to do it with me instead- a couple hours earlier than they were wanting to run-- the ultimate sacrifice! Thanks girls!! The cherry on top of the cake was the 4:30 am text message I sent Danna telling her (truthfully) that I had been up all night for various reasons, including throbbing foot pain and that she'd have to run without me. I ended the text saying "Don't text me back. I'll be trying to sleep." She immediately called...4 times. She told me I had to run with her and that we would have to pretend if necessary because all my friends were going to be there. I groggily agreed to go over there. Poor Danna called Suzy in a panic telling her the run was off, and waking her up. Anyway, she did a lot of damage control work for the next little while, bless her heart.

The Vickster. At her favorite hour. Dawn.

Renee, Colleen, and Lisa. Big supporters of ours. Lisa's even holding her tape to tape Danna's toes/shin after the party!

Matt thinks it's too redundant to post this pic too, but even though it's darker, I like our smiles better. Sorry, Babe!

Me and Renee. Can you see the sunlight starting to grow? We runners become very accustomed to starting in the dark and watching the sunrise every morning. It's not all it's cracked up to be in books and movies people. Just a bright light.

Marilyn! She's so fun. Sun's getting brighter!

Mitzi, Marilyn, me, Judy (Larry Payne's wife!!) Sexy mamas. Un-sexy sunlight. Mitzi and Rosie (not pictured- where were you, Rosie?? See her in the group shot hiding in the back.) brought me some GU's and running socks in that cute green bag. They're the bomb.

In the end, the party was still a success and Danna and I apologized profusely to each other for the next 2 hours. Then we laughed about it in our loopy sleep-deprived state. I totally loved the party and feel so so blessed to have a friend who would do all that insanity for me in the wee hours of the morning! Not to mention all the things Vicky, Suzy and all my other friends did to make it happen. Vicky (and Danna) later decorated my porch, brought me treats and presents- what cool friends!! Then there were the awesome things my parents did, Matt's presents: AMAZING!! I'll include a few random present pictures. All in all my favorite Bday ever! Loved it. (I even got out of work earlier than usual and got a nap in!)

My fabulous friend!

Matt filled a book of CD's for me! All down-loaded music I have wanted!

The sweet ipod player and cd player combo I was hoping for!

Best soundtrack ever!!! Including THIS SONG! and this too!

Okay, so remember the foot throbbing in the night part? Ugh... I couldn't walk on it when I got out of bed- had to walk on my left toes for the next 2 days. I was totally freaked for many reasons. 1) It seemed very serious. 2) Saturday was to be our big "peak week" run- 20 miles!! (We had actually decided to make it 23.) 3)Three weeks away from the Marathon and I was worried about even being able to compete. 4) I missed Thursday's run. 5) I hate X training. I called good old Dr. Russ Toronto and left a desperate message on his voice mail. An amazing cascade of events ensued in which I can clearly see the hand of The Lord helping me to solve this problem.

First, I still hadn't received a call back from Dr. T Friday morning, and after my morning work meeting I felt inspired to check my messages. Dr. T's secretary said Dr. T would like to see me before the big run if possible- his only available slot being 10:30. The fact that I made that happen during a Friday at work was another miracle! It involved crying to my boss, leaving the meeting early, rearranging all my patients' schedules, and having to bum a ride off of my aide Draper, then getting Draper's duties covered. Phew!
Dr. Toronto said it was peroneal tendonitis. He gave me a Cortisone Rx, told me to get rid of my orthotic shoe inserts, and to do the run! Well, I got home and took the inserts out. I was on the phone with Danna at the time. I looked into the shoes and realized to my horror that the original shoe insert was still in there under the orthotic!!! So this problem was all my fault! And I screamed into the phone, probably scaring Danna 1/2 to death. This is not the last time I screamed to Danna as you will read in her upcoming post (***teaser!***) So, anyway, I do feel that I was blessed to notice that though. I was about to stick 2 inserts from my old shoes on top of that again! The inserts were hard to see- white like the shoe insides.

That night Matt gave me a blessing and blessed me to run pain free- which I did!!! And other awesome things- best blessing ever! So, anyway, I was mad at myself for a while, but now I just feel grateful that the problem is solved and I can get back to running and recovering. The moral of the story is: PAY ATTENTION! Especially when you're 3 weeks from your precious Marathon!


Four Winns said...

Oooh, first to leave a comment! I rock. Glad you had a good birthday (I'm sure my text was the cherry on top of that sundae). I hope your foot gets better. If my mother-in-law can run a marathon when she is 50 years old (she totally did) I'm sure you will have no trouble!

P.S. I went to a science museum the other day and they had a 'stereo' type feature out front. I went in it, yelled "STEREO!" and thought of old times. Awesome.

Fedaykin said...

Go you and your will power but again, the first person to run a marathon dropped dead. It just isn't something that makes your body happy. My prayers are with your joints. Excelsior!

Bob said...

you go girl. I need to get out and move more often, even if its just chasing my kids, ha!

Sarah said...


I am so glad you had a good birthday. That story was so hilarious. I miss you a ton. I want to get to know Danna, when I move home you have to let me in your group.

EmSo said...

Hey! I'm "in the area" - how come I wasn't invited to the Birthday Fun Run? I blame Matt :) But really, it sounds like it was a crazy awesome day for you. Good luck in the last weeks!!

toovinnie said...

Such a good story! Happy Freaking Birthday! ;) Cousin Vinnie

Mitzie said...

Hi Kristin and Danna,
It was soooooo great to see the pics from the b-day party. I'm so amazed that you two are running the marathon. I will be excited to see you at the end. Love ya! Mitzie

Sarah said...

Danna is the best event planner ever- she thinks of every detail and makes it perfect.

Suzy said...

You rock Kristin! Thanks for the support. I will be saying to myself at mile 20 - "You were born to run" I think I will make a post after my run to tell about it, not before, I've got way to much to do. It is really exciting to have the actual marathon date actually arriving. I feel all tingle-y inside, like Christmas morning as a kid!

MHM said...

@EmSo--don't blame me for the missing invite to the early morning bday party. I was not invited myself! :D First I heard about it was the morning of as I was lying in bed next to Kristin and the phone rang at four o'clock in the morning. And rang. And rang. Aaaaaand rang. Ha ha! I felt sorry for Danna that Kristin could not be more gullible even at such an early hour, and had to be told the secret to get her to agree to come.
@Kristin--happy bday again, babe! Just wait until next Saturday, then you'll really see what a great present is (***teaser***). I loved it when you gave the teaser for Danna's upcoming blog. I lol'd. Love you!

Angela said...

Happy late birthday Kristin and good work with all your training!!!

Anonymous said...

um... "all my friends in the area"??? I submit that is a LIE! Though if you'd said "all my friends that would get up that early, then yeah--'cause I don't think I would have. Happy Birthday! How cute were Karin's and my belly(ies) at the fam reunion that YOU DIDN'T COME TO!? We should've taken a picture. --Heather

Pam said...

oh my goodness!!! Are you ok? I just don't know how you get up and get going so early in the morning! Then you go to work!
The race is coming up soon!
I really like the pictures and stories. Seems like you meet a lot of fun people. How is the U going? What has been your favorite area to go to practice? From the pictures, most everything looks fun and green.
Keep the blog coming!!

Heather said...

I LOVE YOU and am so proud of your marathoning! I was just bragging about you to the Taylor fam last night. Also, I appreciate when you send the email that you update your blog, because I'm not on blogger reader or whatever it's called. I know I need to. So know that even though I never comment on blogs, I'm reading yours and loving it! Also, you look amazing!!! Are you so pleased? I'm jealous.
Love you

Anonymous said...

I am glad that your foot is feeling better, i have what you have in my knee and it is not fun!! And I feel that at 6:00 in the morning (Or actually pretty much any time of the day) is a really bad time for rosie to be in pictures, so i tend to hide. You are just going to have to deal with that!! :) i love you and i am so excited to go to st. george and cheer you and Danna on!! It will be a blast! Love you mentor!

Renee said...

I love reading your posts. You are so funny! (I'm just reading today, I know. .I'm a slacker!!) I'm so glad you had a happy birthday!
Love ya,

Heg said...

You'll be so pleased to know... that is the first and only blog comment I have EVER made! Every time I consider commenting, I realize I don't know our name and password, because Shayne does all our blogging. So it's a huge effort to call him and get it when I want to write something.

That's how much I love you.