Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 5

First person who can name the 2 men above wins! (If you don't know how to comment, you click below where it says how many comments there are so far [under this post] and then you either sign in with your gmail name or do anonymous and sign it...) Husbands are disqualified!

Well here we are in week 5 already! Danna and I had a great 9 mile run this weekend. I feel so cool saying that I ran 9 miles all in one day. I feel the need to interject it into random conversations.

"What did I do this weekend? Nothing much, just some errands and some church. Oh, and I ran nine miles in one day."
"Yes I will have the Fettuccine Alfredo. My body probably needs the carbs. . .cuz I ran 9 miles today! Consecutively."
"Oh, good to meet you too. Yeah, I ran 9 miles today. NINE!"

Well, I won't get too cocky about it, since Matt had to drag me around for the rest of the day. After the run I barely made it through my cousin's wedding dinner, and then I CRASHED on the drive home. We even had to pull over on the freeway so he could take over the driving. After sleeping in the car for an hour, Matt dragged me to the couch as shown below. (Note that it was only 5:30 pm.) There I slept until 10 pm, when he again woke me and said I needed to get upstairs to my actual bed, to which I responded "Schmmmmmlllmnnmr." Matt took this for assent, and pulled me upstairs. I slept the rest of the night!!! And then took an additional nap on Sunday. I make me sick.

My cockiness took another blow when I mentioned my nine mile status to Larry Payne (see previous post by Danna). He casually mentioned (as casually as one might mention they had a sandwich for lunch) he had run a 14 miler Saturday. Darn that Larry Payne! He's too good.

Danna and I went to see a running doctor for advice and preparations. He is awesome and highly recommended- Dr. Toronto. Like 2 big nerds we asked if we could take a picture with him for our blog. And yes, I am wearing my little yellow running shorts in the shot. That is what they asked me to wear for the appointment. Danna accompanied me to my appointment so we could get that shot (yes, blog readers, those are the kind of lengths to which we are willing to go for you) and stayed to be my secretary and take notes during my appointment. Turns out I have chondromalacia (see picture below) which is what has been causing my knee grinding sounds all these years (you too, Mom!)
He answered all 33 of my questions, and I got to see x-rays of my knees too. Now I have special stretches and exercises I am supposed to do daily. I also bought the wrong shoes apparently. Good thing I got them pre-owned on ebay!


Sarah said...

Jeff and Hal!! (Jeff Galloway and Hal Higdon)

Cough up ladies, i want a prize. Especially because you are going to get super skinny while I am heading 9 months in the other direction.

Love the blog

Chris and Holly said...

Okay, 9 miles is great, K! Don't let some dude or the fact you slept the rest of the weekend make you feel any less proud of your accomplishments! You're awesome! Oh, but I have to ask- where did you get that red dress? I'm a bridesmaid in a few weeks and I've been searching for a red dress for 4 months- scouring the internet and shopping until I drop. Finally, my mom made me one this week because I couldn't find one no matter how hard I tried. And then I open your post and there you are- in a red dress!!! That obviously doesn't show your butt when you bend over it's so short. (My main problem with the dresses I did find). Anyway, you're a hottie!

Kristin said...

And a prize you'll GET, Sarah. Danna was jsut saying she wants to do rpizes like movie passes and stuff. We'll be in touch. And Holl- I got it at Downeast Basics. Great store!! Feel free to borrow it. I kindof consider the dress orange, but apparantly I am alone in this. Everyone always tells me it's red.

Kristina said...

Kristin, you totally make me laugh! And Danna too! You two seem like a great match. I think it is especially awesome that you have "pre-owned shoes". You sound like a used car salesmen. "Oh, no,no,no! It is previously-owned, or prior-owned. We do not sale 'used cars'." Anyway, you girls rock! I can't believe you keep running even though it is taking such a toll! (See burn out on couch and painful knee picture). Good work!

Kristin said...

Yeah I put "used," and Matt corrected me, saying that makes them sound like I bought them really worn, but the previous owner had only run 20 miles in them and they looked brand new. Ha ha, that's so funny you caught that. Very used car salesman indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow! We should get together and you should tell me about his answers to the questions you asked and stuff! Are you going to get new shoes?

Krissy said...

Kristin you are so funny! I totally love you! I remember the first time I ran nine miles too!!! ;) No easy task! Good job!

Did I tell you my bro-in-law, Troy is training for the Wasatch Front 100. Now that's a guy who casually talks about running distances like 25 miles. Not to mention 50 plus miles in a weekend. It's INSANE! Makes me feel like major weaksauce! Ha,ha!

Brenda B. said...

I am in awe of your commitment to this goal, or should I say insanity? Do you ever question your decision, seeing the effects it has on your body??

Dad-dad-daddio said...


Well, I resisted the urge to read- your blah-blah-blog until I had some time to really soak it in and enjoy the amazingly artful & comedic posts. I was not disappointed. Fun and funny stuff, that. I like the fact that you came up with an authentic native American name for the blog--reminds me of "dances like a wolf."

And I think dropping the "I ran 9 miles" line is impressive in its own right. Sure, it is barely 1/3 of a marathon, but it beats my "I ran/walked 2 miles this last month" conversation killer.

I am very proud of you and your partner in crime. Keep up the good work and your times will be so fast that you will have the Marathon officials anxiously checking security tapes to make sure you didn't somehow pull a "Rosie Ruiz". (look it up!)

Fedaykin said...

Running = pain. On the other hand, ice cream is joy and love, the choice is not hard here.

You DO remember that the guy who invented the Marathon DROPPED DEAD after he did it, right?

I did 4 miles last week. Ugh.

Karin said...

I finally checked your blog again! Aren't you happy???? I'm s'proud and s'grateful for you and your inspiring running. 9 miles--you girls are crazy! I wish I could say I've done that, but that will never happen. I wanna go to the knee doctor, too! Oh, and no idea who those dudes are.

Nichole said...

How would I find a running doc? I thought about going to the trainers at a university but would they really let me pick their brain?

Found your blog through Jenny Mosman Kunz.

Kristin said...

Nichole- I hope this gets to you. We really liked Russ Toronto if you want to check him out: 801-424-5042. He's a sports medicine doctor (maybe running doctor was a misnomer). I picked his brain with all my million questions I brought on a list. He sets no appointment time limit so that he can do just that. But I'm sure the university trainers would let you do that too! Hey- I just checked out your blog- I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hope your shins are healing. Iknow it is tough to follow the Dr's orders but you need to try. May all three of you get healthy and stay that way for the next couple of months. If yo need to cross train on a bike let me know i ride on accasion.

Lrary Payne

Jen said...

Kristin: Thanks for showing me how to comment. Now I'll make lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of comments on this wonderful blog. Yippee!

Jen said...

12 miles again this past saturday. Woo!!! Keep running like a girl, yea!!!