Monday, June 22, 2009

the step back week

So... our personal friends Hal and Jeff (see precipice of madness post) have a "step back week" every other Saturday. Kristen and I run 3 days during the week, seperately, and then run our "long runs" on Saturday together. This is because Kristen has a grown-up life, and goes to work at a reasonable hour. I laze in bed until the ridiculously early hour of 6:30. I'm telling you, this marathon thing is seriously painful at 0-dark-thirty ie; 6:30. ANYWAY... After a Saturday long run, the next week is a step-back. The mileage usually goes down 2-3 miles at least. Jef and Hal say this gives our bodies a rest and allows us to rev up for a big push of several miles longer the next Saturday. I personally beleive it's true purpose is to have you thinking one week that you rule the running world, and the next, you are ok with climbing backwards down the steps to get to the shower- everyone does that occaionally just for fun right? Step back week you begin thinking maybe I'll be the Dana Torrez of the running world. I'll peak in my mid-thirties when I qualify for the next olympics. You sail through the rest of the week designing your wheaties box and planning what to say at inspirational womens conferences across the globe. Then, the bump-up week occurs. Bad news. Suddenly you are no longer practicing your standing on the gold-medal-box wave. Instead I am practicing my overweight, asthma huffing, side of the trail puker look. It's not pretty. Not pretty at all. It's bad when little kids with pink Dora bikes with training wheels and handlebar streamers are passing you. It's also not good for the olympic fantasy.
This past week was a step back. Only 5 miles. Adam and I painted Saturday until we weren't speaking (usually the stop painting mark for most couples right?) So I started my run at 10pm. Adam, bless his kind heart, rode his bike next to me so I wouldn't be killed on the trail in the dark. Probably he did it because it's not good to die in a fight- makes you feel guilty. ANYWAY... I am absolutely positive that had you clocked me that night- Michael Phelps would have been asking me speed tips. It was a great run!!! It's runs like that that make me want to run the marathon. When the running planets align, it feels like I could run to California. I feel light, fast, and the endorphins! All drug rehabs should just re-direct the addiction to running. It was a great run, with one of my best times. I blasted my I-pod and had a riot. So, if any of you have ideas for the best colors to spell out "Wheaties" above my famous smiling face- give me a call before Saturday will you- 'cause this Saturday we run 9.


Anonymous said...

Oh I totally can identify with that! feeling like a gold medal Olympian one day and then a loser the next!

Matthew said...

What kind of music do you blast while running, Danna? I agree that there is nothing quite like an exercise high (though I can't say that I have ever experienced the kind that comes from running long distances).

Anonymous said...

Danna- your husband has incredible fashiion sense!

Brenda B. said...


You're hilarious!! Danny and I read your post a few nights ago and laughed at your comment about painting until you stopped speaking to each other. :) Yes, I think that's the general stopping point!