Thursday, June 11, 2009

The precipice of madness

Welcome to our blog! We're ALL about the St. George 2009 Marathon around here. We'll see how this blog thing goes- it took us about 45 minutes just to name the blog; not a good sign. Total jerks out to get us took all the good names. We haven't said the word marathon for 2 sentences now, which isn't like us at all. We have been completely ignoring all friends, family, and spouses (we each only have one) to obsess about THE MARATHON! The only people who truly understand us now are our good, close friends- Hal and Jeff. Of course they have no idea who we are. Kristin is well versed in Jeff Galloway-ology. Danna seems to always know just what Hal Higdon would advise for every running ailment. They are two amazing world-famous marathon coaches that we like to pretend to talk to daily because it makes us feel like we have some idea of what we are doing, (we don't).

Our official training is 18 weeks long. We are currently in week 17, counting down. We OWN the streets around here right now because we are, of course, feeling invincible only having to run 3 miles per day. But soon, the streets will own us, and honestly it probably won't take many more miles than 3!

We have created this blog so those who knew us before we became amazing athletes can keep up to date on our, hopefully, forward progress. Just plan on huffy breathing when you call. We'll be spending our summer running!

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Matthew said...

Galloway-ology--I lol'd. Fun start to the blog, I look forward to seeing how the training goes (not that I'll have to read the blog to do it, hee hee)