Friday, May 14, 2010

I missed my therapy appointment

"They say you can't run away from your troubles, I say you can."
-John Bingham

I got this in my "Quote of the Day" from Runner's World yesterday, and I love it. I haven't run with Danna in a couple weeks and I can totally feel the difference, emotionally speaking. I've rarely run with Suzy and Hayley too. It feels like I haven't been to therapy. The beauty of this therapy is that it's free! There's just something about the combination of the running itself, the girl talk, and the airing of feelings and stories, the validation, and the buring of the calories. I am a better wife and co-worker when I'm getting my group runs in.

My "running girls" can also attest to the fact that if I'm pissed about something and I start ranting about it on the run, I start running super fast. When I start in on a passionate story, Danna says, "Here we go girls- brace yourselves. We're about to run 8's." I get all pumped up on the adrenaline of my story, I yell, I flail, and I feel GREAT! Then after the run, the story's off my chest, and I've run all that pent up frustration out, and I feel all better. My poor running partners though. They are such good sports. They run at my pace without complaint, and they get all into my story- asking good questions and making perfect, validating, girl-friend responses. "No WAY! You are TOTALLY in the right and that is so messed up!" It's the best.

So how could I afford to miss a run? Cuz if I'm not telling a story, someone is, and you know it's a good one. No one wants to miss out. I used to make D and S re-tell me everything they talked about on their long runs if I wasn't there. It's quality conversation, people.

So tomorrow is the Ogden, Utah Half Marathon, starring Amber, Kristin, Danna, Suzy, Rick, Julie, and possible Karin! Oh and Candace at I Have Run. Who did I miss? I'm excited!! And nervous. And stressed. And hoping I don't forget anything since I'm sleeping at Grandma's tonight. Wish us luck!



Candice @ I Have Run said...

Good luck ladies (and gent)!! Hope to see you there!

misszippy said...

Boy can I relate to the speeding up thing w/ running partners when the conversation gets juicy! We always do that in my group. Best of luck in your race!! You too Candice!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Have fun! Race strong and enjoy the experience. Even better with friends to share it with.

Maryann said...

Good luck!

Hayley said...

Good luck tomorrow at the Ogden 1/2 marathon tomorrow! Wish I could be there.

Heyhay said...

I miss running with you too Kristin. I started my 1/2 marathon training this morning and even though it was a lovely run, I thought about missing running with you, D & S. This week I hope will change that :) How did it go Saturday?

Eric said...

We had been trying to figure out how to find you and neither of us could remember your last name, even though we knew it, you know, kind of like when you are trying to remember something and it is on the forefront of the sludgy gray matter between our ears yet fails to initiate the correct sequence of synapses and therefore you blurt out something like "Three-toed sloth on french toast with mayo!" At least that is what generally happens to me.
Anyway, one night I sat up and said "Memmott!" "Write it down before I forget."
I then had the FBI and CIA run a check on you, my how you have been busy, and by the mighty power of Google we found you. Now the crazy part is, not that you are married, but that you are a hardcore runner!! I knew you were a bit out there but...Anyway that is awesome! I usually only run if a guy with a hockey mask and a cleaver is chasing me so I have quite the respect for those who can imagine a guy with a hockey mask and a cleaver chasing them for so long and so frequently.
As an aside, Angie told me you wrote back and I asked her if you response referred to bidets...
We hope you are smiling now...
What are you up to besides running?