Sunday, May 30, 2010

99th post!

This is Kristin.

It's hard to believe, but our little blog is about to have its 100th post!  That means I want to follow the blog world trend and do another giveaway to celebrate.  So stay tuned and be ready to win some fun stuff in the next post.  The thing is, we just haven't decided what.  Any requests?? 

Well thank you all for the well wishes on my beating my half marathon PR by one minute. :)  I was kinda surprised none of you non-runners asked what it stands for- did you just figure it out?  Google it?  There's also "PB," or "Personal Best." 

My running report for the week is that I did a lot of cross-training.  Matt's doing P-90X right now, so I joined him for a couple work-outs.  Danna's a little out of commission since she lost her toenail, again!  And if she's not running, I find it hard to get my bum out there at the crack of dawn.  Although it is a lot lighter outside of late, which helps.  And a lot warmer too! 

By the way, I would like to complain that my husband is one of those obnoxious people who can decide to drop a few pounds or totally change his body, and can actually do it in just a few weeks.  The P-90X workouts are SUPER hard, and I can't get through a single video in its entirety.  And I'm a marathoner!  After one week he was able to get through the full videos and is already getting visibly buffer and trim-er.  What a punk, eh?

Yesterday I went for a run by myself.  I worked during the day so it was an afternoon/evening run in the heat, which I love actually!  I had no pre-determined distance (which is rare for me) and I was waiting for Matt to get back from a movie (Prince of Persia.  He said it was okay.) so I just ran in a random direction, ended up on the parkway trail eventually (as always) and started running the dirt trails.  It was great!  I haven't left the asphalt forever!  It was a little edsxtra work, especially on looser surfaces, but it was a nice change of scenery.  Danna and I heard about a stabbing on the parkway last week (around 4100 S.) so that's another reason not to run alone in the AM- at least not without our trusty pepper spray.  I got a little nervous in some of the remote trail areas.  You never know who could be lurking around.  It was fun to see all the families out.  And all the dogs (almost all off-leash, I might add!) 

So how do you runners like running trails as opposed to running on paved paths?



dAd said...

Just read this and the previous post about the Ogden half M. I grew up 1/2 mile from Ogden Canyon and agree that it, Pine View dam and Ogden Valley are very scenic indeed!

This probably isn't as impressive as your running accomplishment, but I would like to mention the fact that I have driven up and down that canyon hundreds of times in my life as a teenager--water skiing, Snow Basin, hustling the Valley Girls, etc...

One last thought: Was it intentional or Freudian when you said that you just can't get your BUM up at the CRACK of dawn?

Mindy said...

Those Px90 workouts are one of the fastest ways to lose weight, even better than running. Tricking the body will do thatg. :)And I hate to admit this, but you can actually lose more weight walking than running ... Crazy, I know. In running you get into the anaerobic stage where you are past fat burning into cardio.

The give away should be spandex running bottoms. I really want some more. :) I haven't bought any in such a long time. I think I actually might get some new running clothes today. It just might be the kick I need to get out there more.:)

Jeannette said...

I actually do wonder what PR stands for, but I'm like Brian Regen. If it doesn't explain things on the front page, I'm too lazy to turn the page (or google) it to find out. So just tell me. Love, Mom

lindseyfrancom said...

Hi Kristen! I am Natalie (Koller) Maxwell's sister! She told me to read your blog because I am training for my first half marathon. I am running the Park City in August. I am super nervous! I am asking you for advice. Just a few basic things you would want to know before your first. I really feel like I am jumping into this blind!

I really enjoyed reading all of your posts. They are so motivating and well written- thanks!

Lindsey Francom