Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crawling to the end, and proud of it

It's Kristin.

Today's run was TOUGH for me.  I felt gaspy and sluggish pretty much the entire run- almost 3 hours of running.  I frequently found myself with my tongue hanging out, canine-like.  Hayley is a saint and lengthened her run to be with whiny me.  Why was the run so hard?  I thinking I was tired, ate me GU and drank my water in a weird sequence, ate a weird dinner last night, cross-trained and "toned" heavily on Wednesday which I'm not used get the idea.  I was supposed to run 2 more miles, but quickly and easily justified cutting it short.  Now I'm doing what I love to do best after a rough run- icing and lounging in bed.  (And listening to the rain too!)  I have a lot to do but I'm going to do as much as I can off my feet.  Matt's downstairs doing P-90X.  And looking VERY cute in his SLC half marathon technical T, might I add?

On a lighter note, I have some big news!!  D and I signed up for A FULL MARATHON this year!  This is a huge deal and I am very excited to report that it is the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon.  There with be rock bands all along the course, about 15,000 runners, and they even shut down the Vegas strip for us to run through!  The race is December 5th if you wanna join us or cheer us on. 

We were rejected from another race we tried to enter- the San Francisco Women's marathon.  Bummer!  D is considering doing St. George again, and- get this- the Dublin Ireland Marathon!!  If I could afford that trip I would so be there with her.  Anyone wanna donate to my cause?  :)

Well, all I have to say about my current state is that I do feel proud of myself for what I have accomplished with my running in the past year.  I started training for my first marathon a year ago- running very slowly and never having run more that 3 miles.  Now I've run a marathon!  And today, I persisted in running for hours despite feeling totally tired, and in all reality having the power to call Matt to come pick me up and drive me home at any point if I wanted to.  But I di'n'.  Hayley and I kept saying, "Ok, we got this, we can DO this," during the last 3 miles or so.  

And now a little shout out to my sister Karin, and my friends Amber (aka "Ambleh") and Hayley today, who both ran further than they ever have in their life, IN the rain, AT a decent pace.  I'm very proud, ladies!  And do my little Rosie who just signed up for her first marathon too!  Can't wait to cheer you on in St. George!



Irene said...

That's cool about signing up for Las Vegas! I'm still debating about that particular marathon. I did the half last year and it was a blast. I just need to get past injuries.

Our little group was rejected for Nike also. Bummer. We'll try again next year. I don't understand how some people have gotten in every year. I've only been able to get in once, and some of my friends have never been able to get in.

Alicia said...

Hey Girl!

I hope you are doing well. I love reading your Blog. It is awesome that you are still running. I am trying to get back into my routine.
I know I am horrible at keeping in touch. I was thinking the other day we should have you guys up for a weekend. let me know if you guys have time for a visit.
Have an awesome week!

Pam said...

Wow!! The pictures were great! I wondered how you did and what went on during the race. And Matt--you're right--that was clever!!!

Karin said...

Thanks for the shout out ;) It's weird how some runs you feel so energized, and others you feel like you're going do die. I felt that way one day last week. Not sure why. When are the sign-ups for Top of Utah Half? If I do it, will you run it with me???? You Mkl and Dave?

Heyhay said...

I feel so honored to have another shout out. Thanks Kristen! Scott at the Salt Lake Running Company told me off for running longer than I plan too, even though he understands being there for your friends. It was a great run though and I even did 14 miles on the bike later that day. Crazy I know! I hit my max though, today has been nice sleeping and being lazy :)

Mikelle said...

3 hour run?! Las Vegas!? That's marvelous! Any chance of doing TOP 1/2?

Linds said...

your blog is so cute!

Krissy said...

Vegas will be tons of fun. I'm excited for you!!! I can't WAIT to start running again after I have the baby. Reading your blog totally makes me miss it!