Friday, August 7, 2009

I can't- I'm icing.

Hey friends- I thought I'd share some pics of all the many, busy things I have been doing this past week:
I went to see my sister Carrie Lyn.

Becky cut my hair, and Elaine's and Vicky's.

I worked.
I watched some TV.

I read my book club book.

Notice a common thread?!?!? ALL I DO IS SIT AND ICE! Let me tell you, trying to find time to ice 2-3 times per day makes you be creative. What kind of marathon taining is that you ask? It's NOT training, thats what! I am trying any kooky, hokey, or even slightly reasonable thing I can think of to help my traitor shins heal. Heal dang it, heal! This has been the hardest week of trainng so far. I did not run last week, which makes me about as happy as a girl who hasn't been shoe shopping. I think Adam went on a business trip OUT OF THE COUNTRY to get far enough away from me!

There is no food allowed in the freezer, it's too full of ice-packs. Sorry-I'm not making dinner- I'm icing. Can you get me a water? No -I'm icing. Get up to bear my testimony at church? Nope, I'm covertly icing my shin under my dress.

I may never be allowed back into the City Park Center. I am swearing under my breath, scoffing at the local news anchors on the giant TVs, and hogging the elliptical machines for HOURS. People will literally get off of their treadmill and move to another one further away from the crazy person. I swear to you- I NEVER want to be on another Elliptical machine in my lifetime. (I'm sure the park center shares the sentiment.) So to sum it all up- yes- I've been incredibly pleasant.

I acutally have been amazed at how difficult this training week has been. Not running has thrown off everything in my week. I've eaten like I might fall off the planet next week. I literally gained 2 pounds. It's discouragment eating. Kristin makes me sound like the devil, but really I will admit I do not make a good patient. I'm too bossy to BE a patient patient. You should see my house- it's the only house on the block to have had an interior earthquake. Too bad I can't be bothered to clean anything up. I no longer have the will to MAKE dinner, unless you count the chocolate chip cookie dough that I made a double batch of and then ate a freshly baked-batch every night instead of something healthy. I did this for 3 days until I was so sick of myself that I drove the rest of the dough over to Kristin's husband Matt to get it away from me. Thats one of the 12 steps to recovery right? Spread the problem to your friends? I'm sure its in there somewhere.
I've watched more TV this week then I have EVER. Not even kidding, I sat and watched a 2 hour tv show "with" my friend Elaine. I was too lazy to actually go the 3 blocks to her house to watch it together. Instead I sat and iced and texted her about every 3 minutes with random comments. This is an actual text conversation between us:
Me: That was awesome.
Elaine: Yeah- loved it.
Me: Cool.
Elaine: Super cool.

I need HELP!!! I Seriously need my running therapy! My house, friendships, and marraige may not survive my shin's revolt.
Luckily- I have the best running partners, friends, family, and cheerleaders in the world! K showed up this week with a cross-training basket- full of stuff I need to withstand the horrors of the park center- hand sanitizer, I-tunes gift card, fresh fruit ( I think the chocolate chip cookie overdose scared her) shape magazine etc. It was so great! But the best of all was a binder of letters from my friends that had funny letters that I only get to read WHILE I am cross training. She is FABULOUS! Thanks K- you are the best!

Vicky came and cross trained WITH me at the park center- I think she thought the other patrons might be happier if I talked to someone I actually knew. It was so much better with Vic- I was beginning to feel like myself again. (maybe that is scarier)

I was "allowed" by my over-cautious, yelling friends and doctor to run the weekend mileage- which was 15. To be honest, by Saturday I was a mess. I was crying before we got through the first mile just because of the pressure I was feeling. Poor Suzy and Kristin had to put their couseling skills into overdrive. I had determined that if I couldn't get through the 15 miler- I may have to give up the race. Yes- with Adam- THE MOST SUPPORTIVE HUSBAND EVER out of the country, and not even reachable, my week long pity party and eating extravaganza, and the general depression, I was totally ready to give up. I think I cried over the stupidest stuff for about 9 miles, and then realized- hey- I'm doing this! I'm actually getting the mileage in and the shin pain was completely tolerable! We finished the run and I felt good! I again spent the next 2 days doing nothing but icing- and I have been feeling really good since. Adam came home and I am so much happier. So my friends- I think I can work through this! After being the poster child for depression world-wide, I am now back to my regular crazy self. Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughfulness- I love you all! And- feel free to stop by anytime to visit- let yourself in- I can't get up- I'm icing.


Anonymous said...

nice danna. even though you look like youre working....believe me people, she's not. by the looks of your legs it looks like the only thing you're working is your hand to your mouth to eat doughnuts. luv ya...kerry

Anonymous said...

"yeah, pics of you! that is awesome you are doing a marathon. i did the top of utah (in logan) for my 30th birthday and it was incredible. made me feel like i could do anything! good luck and keep icing!!!"

Maryann said...

Alright - you asked for it - I'm commenting. I loved the part where you're secretly icing under your dress - I would never had guessed. You hid it well!

Anonymous said...

Danna - Look at you! You are awesome! To make it through a week like that and not quit is amazing! I know you are going to make it. You keep me jogging, too. You are the reason I am even doing this marathon. You rock, girl! -Suzy

p.s. Can I borrow some of your ice?

Robin Fisher said...

ha, ha, ha...clunk.
That is me laughing my head off :)
I can just imagine you swearing under your breath, scoffing at the local news anchors, and hogging the elliptical. You have just elevated yourself to the status of the crazy guy on the public bus who argues with himself.

Vicky said...

I know it has been hard listing to me yell at you and tell you you can't run,I'm not sorry and I will do it again

Anonymous said...

Hello my love! it is awesome! Kristen sounds really cool and I have to admit I'm a little jealous (okay, a lot jealous) of the great friendships you have. Sounds like maybe the shins are starting to get better?? New shoes ALWAYS make things better, right??

So it's kinda hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like your hair has gotten super long! I love it, very glamorous. Though maybe not so much with the sweat pants and ice packs.

Well, you've inspired me to start thinking about doing a triathalon. Maybe a mini triathalon. I'm so NOT a runner, but I love the biking and swimming, so maybe I could suck it up for a few miles. Plus I need an excuse to go buy a new bike. Anyway, I'm still really in the contemplation phase, but I'll keep you posted!

Keep up the very great and very hard work! I'm pulling for ya babe!

Anonymous said...

Danna Lee, I knew you were training for a marathon, but i had no idea all the stuff you were doing for it. If you ever need to give someone another batch of cookie dough, I'd be happy to sacrifice on your behalf. ;) I loved the post though and keep up the awesome work! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Danna Lee your insane!I can't believe your doing all of this. It looks awful. But good job on sticking with it! I would've given up a long time ago. I'm so proud of you for doing this! I know you can do it and we'll all be supporting you through it. Good Luck! Love you!

rosie said...

Listen to me right now! If you are every going through hard stuff and you are having a hard time like you implied in this blog, then you are going to call your best little nugget Rosie!! Ok? You have always been there for me and now it is my turn to return that favor! Even if it is just like coming over to your house to get you some more ice out of your freezer, I will be there!! :D I loved coming to see you that night, it was so fun even though it was so short! And the fact that you took my picture, NASTY, but that's ok, I am glad i am on your blog! I am so excited for the Marathon because we will get to spend all sorts of time together (not including the time that you will be resting, i will go party somewhere else and leave you two to be in pain together for a little bit). Ha good luck with that! I know that you will be able to get through this tough time because you are one of the strongest people I have ever known! And if you let Him help you, you will be just fine. Let Him in, and He will bless you. I know this to be a fact. I learned this from a very wise young woman leader that i had a little while back...she moved....i think her name was dianna....oh thats right DANNA!! Wow do i miss her!! :D I love you friend and we need to talk more often!! Love you! Call me if you need anything, i loved doing that little favor for you that you needed (wink wink)! I was happy to do it! Love you BESTIE!! I will come see you soon!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!! You can do anything that you put your heart to!! I know you can! You have awesome friends that will help you along the way if you ever need them, just remember that!
Your secret friend!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. Keep up the hard work and dedication you are putting in to get your legs healthy again, and it will happen for sure. Your INCREDIBLE i want to be just like you!

Jena said...

Injuries suck. I'm glad to hear Adam got back safely and that you're up and running, even if it's "ONLY" 15 miles.

Kristina said...

The two of you always make me laugh. Looking at the amount of sacrifice this marathon takes, however, makes me quite happy that it is not me. And even though I think runners are crazy, I admire you two for being so strong! Keep it up! PS Kristin, I was so hoping last weeks pictures were of your sweat and not your sprinkler running. That would have made me feel better about the way I look after just a miles worth of running ;)

MHM said...

Danna, as your friend and sometime spiritual advisor, I feel duty-bound to help you find the silver lining in this shinny cloud hanging over your head. Not that it will be all that hard—there could very well be more silver in your cloud than cumulus. Think about it: you have found the ultimate excuse to make all your loved ones cater to your every need—nay, your every whim—for as long as your shins continue to require icing. Instead of trying to be tough, milk it for all it’s worth!! :D Let me illustrate how this could work out in your favor.
Scenario One
ADAM: Honey, do you think you could help me with the painting in this room?
YOU: Oh, I’d love to, but I just don’t know if I should spend that much time on my feet right now. (glance meaningfully down at your shins as if they could give out any second) You understand, don’t you?

Scenario Two
YOUR BISHOP: After much consideration, we have decided to call you to the position of Primary Chorister.
YOU: What a wonderful opportunity that would have been for me, if it weren’t for my shins being so fragile right now. (rub your shins up and down slowly and gently, as if putting too much pressure on them would cause you unimaginable pain) Darn! I guess you’ll just have to let someone else reap the blessings for that.

Scenario Three
YOUR BOSS: Hey Danna, I’m gonna need you to take this extremely belligerent and demanding patient this morning because no one else wants to.
YOU: (fall to the ground and cry out in pain as if your shin bone just cracked in half) AIIIIIEEEEEE!!! I think I might need the rest of the day off. Blast my critically injured legs!!

I think I’ve made my point. Feel free to use this strategy in any life situation that demands your attention. Imagine! Until the last mile of the marathon has been run (and probably even another week or two afterwards while you “finish healing”), you won’t have to engage in a single activity you do not thoroughly enjoy. Just make sure you make good use of that time to read all the books and watch all the movies you have been interested in, but for which you haven’t had time.

Adam said...

Hi Sweetie,
You always write such funny things. I am very proud of you for running this marathon. Especially because I know how much you hate anything that you have to do so early in the morning. (You are a very funny and clever writer.)
Love, Adam

Danna said...

Matt- You crack me up! I love it! I have pondered your timely advive and I LIKE IT! You are such a good writer. You and Adam are so great to put up with all of this training!

Danna said...

Adam- You are the most supportive husband ever, I can't believe all you do to help me. Remember when you went to Iraq and we were commenting that becasue it affected us both incredibly, we said it was like we both "went" to Iraq. That is like this marathon. At the end- it will be like you have trained and run one too. You are awesome. I love you.

Sarah said...

You are amazing- I feel so bad that you walked downstairs to visit us.

Your blogging is so clever- I hope you will continue even after the marathon!

Mandy said...

Okay, so Kristin said she left instructions for posting comments, but I can't find them. I had no idea how blog-challenged I was until I tried to leave a freakin comment! Finally I thought that maybe if I read OTHER people's comments, THEY could help me figure it out and wa-lah! Here I am!

Can't believe how close it's getting! Sure hope you won't be landing at JFK via wheel chair! Anyway, today is a super sucky day and I needed a smile, so thought I'd check the blog for updates. It worked!

Miss you love you!