Sunday, October 18, 2009

More marathon pix!

A few choice selections from Karin's camera:

Karin liked this lady's outfit - "Show 'em you're a tiger!"

Evan was recruited to help with set-up!


And waiting some more...

Oh the waiting!!

Finally! The runners!!

Right after the finish line!

Matty and I.
He told me here that he has decided to run a marathon of his own! And added that he plans to do it without walk breaks, GU, or a GPS watch. Such a show-off! Good luck Mister!! :)

See the sweet poster Matt made me??

The girls with their new medals. They are made from the mountain rock- notice how ours are different colors.

The sobbing begins! :)
We made it!!

I ran a marathon!! I seriously can't believe it!

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Katrina and David said...

The pink tiger outfit is fab & you should all consider running your next race in matching outfits. :)