Thursday, June 10, 2010

What the crap have I done?

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For me, running is a lifestyle and an art. I'm far more interested in the magic of it than the mechanics.
~Lorraine Moller, Olympic Marathoner

Hi.  It's Kristin.
Have you ever heard of the Wasatch Back?  It's a Ragner Relay race starting in Logan and ending in like Pennsylvania.  Ok, more like Park City, but still.  It takes two days for your team to accomplish it.  It's crazy, and supposedly really fun.  It consists of sleep deprivation, hills, and sweaty smelly group members.  Thus I was not interested.  (Have I ever blogged about my strong aversion to B.O.?  Like, stronger than most people.)  

Danna has been working me this whole year.  I have been strong.  I have resisted.  

A team member dropped out of her group and it's an "easy" role.  I thought about it.  I said no again.  Danna asked again another day.  I thought about it.  I said no again.  Then the final day for changes past and I was in the clear.  

So how is it that I am now all signed up, you ask?  I have no idea how this happened, but here I am.  Freaked.  Totally freaked.  Feeling too old for this nonsense.  Too wimpy.  Too nasally sensitive.  I need encouragement, people.  Help me.  Pray for me and my PF.  Who decided to flair up again this week after weeks of arch supported bliss!  (PF = plantar fasciitis).  

Curse you, Danna, and your zealousness and ambition!!!  (**fist shake**)

Anyone ever run this race?  Tell me some details.  Anyone have a wimpy girl in your van vomit adn weep and ask you to run her third leg?  Just checkin'.



Christine Jensen said...

I LOVE the Wasatch Back. I ran it last year and will be running again this year, even though we got an incredibly cruddy start time (5:30 AM..ugh!). Just do your best to sleep when you can, bring Gu (or your fuel of choice), and just have fun!

Mary said... the fist shaking!! Sounds like a challenge is SOOO many ways!! I'm new at all this running stuff, but I can still pray for you and your PF!! :)

Teamarcia said...

So excited for you! Hope the PF behaves!

Four Winns said...

You mean it doesn't REALLY end in Pennsylvania? Well, crap. My friend ran a race like this in Vegas last year and had a blast. Good luck!

Sarah said...

Good luck! I'm doing it this year for my first time!

Hayley said...

Good luck Kristin, I know you can do it!

Maryann said...

Good luck Kristin! Sounds like fun to me - just keep telling yourself that.

Jeannette said...

Wasatch back is the devil! And to think Danna is in cahoots with the Devil. I never would have thunk it, he he.

dAd said...

"Me thinks she doth protest too much."

As our Sunday School teachers used to drill into us, "Nobody can make you do anything you really don't want to do!......Unless you happen to be a runner with a really relentless and rabid running partner (named Danna)."

And about your case of BOAS (BO Aversion Syndrome): When you're riding in the car with scent-offenders, just stick your head out the window like a happy dog. :)

Anonymous said...

Aunt LaDean taught me that if you have to take care of dead bodies, rub some mentholatum (sp?) under your nostrils. Maybe that'd work?
You are crazy to do it, but I must admit, every time I hear about it, people are raving about how awesome it is. But you are still crazy. With will power like that, I'm surprised you and Matt held out until marriage!

Heather T. said...

Oops: that last comment was from me. I pushed some button and it sent my comment.
Also, I just want to clarify. That last comments about you and Matt is sarcastic about the will power--you know, cause you tried and tried to hold strong against Danna, and you caved. (Just in case people didn't get it.)

Mikelle said...

I love the quote!

Mindy said...

Uhm, let's talk about your PF. I don't think you are giving it enough to to heal. It shouldn't flare up so often if it has been given a full recovery time. Either that or your running mechanics are off. We need to get this fixed woman. How long have you taken off from running total? Answer me this first and then we can go deeper if needs be. We shall fix you! :)

Brenda said...


My mother-in-law uses DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) for her PF. She said you can generally find it at health food stores. She got hers from a Horse Feed store ... I guess they uses it on horses' legs/joints.


Tricia said...


Tanya said...

Don't worry about it Kristen. You rock! You da' Man!!!

Pam said...

No, I haven't heard of it! Sounds horrible!! Keep me posted!

Jill said...

Hello Kristin,

I found your blog through Racing with Babes. She was listing your giveaway. I am doing my first marathon June 26th and have been training with the Galloway, run/walk for my long runs. I haven't talked to too many who have used his training, but saw that you have read his books. Does that mean you guys did the run/walk for your marathon?

Just thought I would pick your brain a little if you did.

I have a

Thanks for your time.



Kristin said...

Yes, we did! I had a great experience using it as a new runner, and somewhat injury-prone runner. I feel like the marathon itself was nice and enjoyable compared to most runners' stories because of it. Anyway, I have tons to say on this subject, so ask away. And thanks for reading the blog.

Jill said...

Hi Kristen,

Wooohoooo...Just in the nick of time. Thanks for getting back to me. I have been wanting to talk to a Galloway runner who has run a marathon. I am always second guessing myself about if I should do it or not but I have trained with the galloway style for all of my long runs and really do know that it's the way to go. I know it's hard to start walking when you are feeling good. On my long runs I would run 3-5 miles and then start the 5/1 for the rest of it and then when I got to 20 miles would do the 4/1 run/walk.

When did you start walking? did you warm up. I know people hate walkers on the route so what did you do when you stopped? So glad to talk to you.

My marathon is Saturday

Kristin said...

Sweet! Which marathon? Yeah, if you have done Galloway long runs, DEFINITELY do it during the race. I think I realized that my first marathon was mostly about finishing than getting a good "time." And that means- why not race it as comfortably as possible.

To answer your question about walking in front of the other runners- yeah, that feels a little lame for sure. Danna and I waited to cross the finish line for quite a while- way behind the crowd. So we were seldom having runners pass us-even during the walk breaks. In other races though, we have run mid-pack which has been fine. The early walk breaks- like the first three miles or so- you feel totally dumb walking, but- meh! It's just a minute or so, and you'll be fresh and passing people in the end! For the second half off the race, then we really kick it in to high gear and decrease the walk breaks.

This guy once told us that you run the marathon in 3 parts. The first third you run with your head- being smart, not going too fast or crazy because of the peer pressure or adrenaline, or the fact that you feel great and ready to speed up. The 2nd third you run with your personality- enjoying the scene, talking with other runners, getting into your comfy stride. the 3rd third you run with your heart- pushing through the fatigue and pain, cutting out some of the rest and walk breaks. Anyway, so I think the hardest thing to remember is to start slow.