Sunday, July 19, 2009

The dynamic duo does double digits

Another week goes by...
Sunday we completed the 100th mile of our training schedule. Woo hoo!

This weekend our run was really great. I actually struggled the first 4 miles, but felt pretty good after that. We ran a total of 12 miles!! We will never again be running single digit runs on Saturdays. My little sis Mikelle came to run with us for the first 4 miles (she is now training for her own half-marathon: The Top of Utah), and Suzy ran the final 2 with us. These created excellent distractions from the drudgery. As did our fun girl talk. I talked about every little detail of Youth Conference (which I went to this weekend) for about 8 miles, letting Danna breathe easy. :)

Twelve miles!

On the run, there were a few highlights I would like to mention. Underwear Man. I have been telling Danna about him for a while now, but no description could do this strange dude justice. On this run he appeared! He rides his bike in a strange pair of underwear each morning, clearly seeking attention. Sometimes it's a one-piece tight white cotton wrestling-type suit, (what Matt's mom used to call a onesie!) but yesterday he had a new flesh-colored pair of underwear on (only) joke! I felt so validated to have Danna actually see this guy (Mikelle saw him too!), and when he whizzed by she looked horrifiedly at me, and I yelled "That's HIM!" We then discussed his strange daily behavior. Any of you other Parkway walkers/runners seen this guy??

We also saw the Jeff Galloway marathon training team out and about, and we cheered many of them on, and felt not a little jealous of their coolness, and their jugs of water and Gatorade every few miles. We might have joined if it weren't $159.00. Check it out: Sheesh! What do they do to earn that money? Make you run? More on the training team later...

After the run always comes my favorite part. The icing, stretching, and eating. We iced and stretched for about 40 minutes I think. Seriously, my whole body was covered in salt crystals like never before in my life. I was a walking salt lick. As we stretched and chatted with Adam, we decided we are going to be starting our own training program next year. It will be called "She Runs Like a Girl Marathon Training." We will be driving along the Parkway in a shaded golf cart, with tropical umbrella drinks and a megaphone, and shouting things like:

"Move it ladies!!"
"More walk, less
next tip is go faster!!"
And many other hillarious things I can't remember!
Adam suggested we put spikes on the front of the golf cart.
And then we would see the Galloway runners going by and we'd obnoxiously trash talk them. When our trainees asked technical running questions we don't know the answers to, we'd shuffle through Jeff or Hal's books (which would of course be disguised with a pink cover.) Or we'd just answer them all with "That can be solved by stretching your I.T. band."

After I went home and showered, we met up again for a little more fun. Namely my favorite 2 things! The "lox and a bagel" from Einstein's, fresh squeezed OJ, (Danna had a blueberry streussel and fresh fruit medley).

Then a make-over and shopping trip at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I got some cute Estee Lauder make-up, a sweet gift with purchase, and check out my cute new shoes!! (Also check out this sexy male model!)


Krissy said...

Ha,ha! Love the pictures of Matt!
Good Job!!! So proud of you!

Renee said...

Wow!! 12 miles. . you ROCK

Jena said...

Danna Lee ... here is my promised reply! I found out that just READING the blog doesn't count. Being able to discuss the blog during lunch DOESN'T count. I only get credit if I leave a comment on the blog.

Question: why even bother cooking the eggs for breakfast? They just get in the way of all the caramel.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was a very fun run. It's weird how 4 miles use to seem like such an ordeal to me. Now, it just seems like an average distance to run. That underwear man was a FREAK!!

Danna said...

Jena! Yea- of course it ALL counts! You are awesome! Thanks for beieng so supportive! I love you! Congrats on your new job. And truly- yout carmel question is totally valid!

Karin said...

CUTE SHOES!!! I want them. Wemee see dat...

And why did you not get a picture of the man in the undies??? Hello--take a camera next time. What a weirdo.